Brand Identity, Environmental Graphics, Naming, Product Design

Brand design and complete visual identity for this «Feminist Rock» music festival.

When one analyzes the current panorama of festivals, one can detect that there are many music festivals, but very few women on their stages. The ones with the fewest female artists are the Rock festivals. Are there no women doing Rock? Of course there are! The problem is that they are not given space in the programming.

This is how Girls, U Rock! was born, as the festival that uses Rock as a tool to give visibility to female talent, both in music and visual arts, and contributes to a more equitable future in terms of visibility, projection and opportunities.

In addition, many complementary internal activities are held during the festival:
- Support for new artistic talents of all kinds who embrace feminism in their works: urban art, photography, painting, literature, etc.
- Contest for new bands to give the winner the opportunity to share the stage with one of the headliners participating in the festival.
- Incubator program that offers its winners classes aimed at the band's project, masterclasses by leading professionals in the music industry, rehearsal room vouchers, recording of a demo in a professional studio.
- Participation of brands that support the cause.
- Complementary activities: cycles and conferences, exhibitions, screenings of cultural content, workshops...
- Craft market, sale of art and design pieces, fanzines, etc.
- Violet point of information and attention for women with prevention and action protocol.
- Sustainable and environmentally responsible festival.

Our proposal was based on creating a "Feminist Rock" festival with a rebellious and provocative tone, with a sense of humor and a touch of irony. We were in charge of building the brand and the complete design of the visual identity of the festival, as well as the naming, communication strategy, product design, communication campaign...

The naming is a play on words since in English the expression "you rock!", can be translated as "you are the best", "you are great", "you are number one", "you are amazing", "you are the best".... Thus making a nod to the feminist character of the festival and the musical style.

GIRLS U ROCK! Festival

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ILLUSTRATION: Julio Liarte, Scarlet Heath

The «Feminist Rock» festival that even your brother-in-law will go to!

There are causes for which it is worthwhile to raise your voice... And let it be heard loud and clear!

Urban artists who paint (or weave) live murals or graffiti.