Brand Identity

Design of the visual identity of a Sports City Brand to communicate its proposal in its geographic area and abroad.

The new Melilla Sport Capital brand is designed to be the corporate image of the Sports area of the Autonomous City of Melilla (CAM), in addition to being used for all corporate communication of the CAM in the sports field.

It is a Sports City brand, aimed at each and every one of the citizens who practice sports and potential practitioners. Its essential raison d'être is to open the City of Melilla to the outside world through sport, transmitting its values and the sensations of fun, leisure and well-being.

We are inspired by the route of the Olympic torch and how the different athletes are in charge of carrying the different athletes are in charge of carrying it around the world with pride.

We talk about great sporting events, about the values of sport,
of showing off as Spaniards, as we did in Barcelona92, opening ourselves to the world, of the great sportsmen and women from Melilla who achieve great success despite the difficulties... In short, to carry the flag of Melilla with pride around the world.

We wanted to focus on the warmest and most human side of sport: on people. And on how they, despite their imperfections, and with their own effort and spirit of self-improvement, manage to advance towards their goal. In our case: to become the Capital of Sport.

We were looking for a modern visual identity, very identifiable, Mediterranean and open to all audiences, capable of transmitting progress and also progress, and that could be remembered for years to come.

With this in mind, we designed the brand sign. An anthropomorphic
anthropomorphic, dynamic, warm and human. It is hand-drawn, built from the initials of Melilla Sport Capital, using manual and organic strokes to represent the "M", the "S" and the "C".

A few simple brush strokes give shape to this symbol with a human character and a human character with a remarkable dynamic attitude, thus moving away from all kinds of formal and/or geometric constructions, to focus on the human component of sport.

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Brand Identity



It's a Sports City brand, aimed at each and every one of the citizens who practice sports.

From the outset, the promoters of the project conceived the brand as a tribute to the great sporting events in general, and to the values and successes of Barcelona'92 in particular.