The new design studio Tanto has been launched

November 14, 2022

We have a new name, identity and vision for this new chapter.

The studio starts this new stage with a very clear positioning. It is an independent creative design studio where bold ideas and irreverent attitude are two fundamental values. Nonconformism with style. Hence our own name, Tanto, an attitude of comparing qualities and an indication of the high degree of our creative talent.

Today we are very excited about the launch of our new design studio. And with the possibility of imbuing each and every project we undertake with our vision and values. Every single interaction with our clients. And to be able to inspire people in some way with our work.

We offer powerful and engaging creative solutions for clients who have branding and advertising needs —with all that that can entail—. We work with clients from the initial brand strategy phase through design, art direction and final production of each project.

In recent years we have focused on refining our processes and strengthening our capabilities. We are confident and excited about this new chapter. And determined to make Tanto not only known for producing high quality creative work for top clients, but one of the best places to work in terms of studio culture.


Written by Julio Liarte